Festival Group Detailed Information Submit Form

    Please provide the following information:
    For large files use a service such as http://www.yousendit.com or http://www.largedocument.com to upload large files or via other web link.

    1. Your dance video:

    2. Your music:
    Please make sure that Ken Avner has received a copy or your music, edited as you would like it arranged. If you have not already done so, contact Ken: Ken@kenavner.com
    Suite 1:

    Suite 2:

    3. Digital group photos:
    For slide projection to introduce your group - formal (in costume) and informal (tee-shirts). It would be best to send more than one photo of each. Please send in high resolution.

    4. Costume confirmation:
    Please indicate that your group photo in costume (see above) is for this year's performance - if not, please e-mail a sample of the costume you will be wearing.

    5. Video greeting:
    A short clip to introduce your group, your group's presentation.
    Please send in high resolution with yousendit.com or weblink from which we can download your file.

    6. Program information:
    Kindly update your previous listing (available upon request) or complete the information outlined below. 
    Please include a description of your dance presentation, your troupe and applicable credits for directors, leaders, organizational affiliation, staff, choreography, music, costumes, etc.

    6b  Organizational affiliation/ information about your group

    6c  Dance title / theme and description of your presentation

    6d  Music titles and credits (composer/ lyrics / vocal artists)

    6e  Group credits including leader(s), choreographer(s), administration

    6f:  Dancers:  Please list in alphabetical order

    7. Tickets / promotion - It's going to be a wonderful Festival and we encourage you to get your ticket orders in as soon as possible to ensure the best seats.
    Click here to print / download your ticket order form.
    Please help us to promote the Festival by sharing the following link with your friends: 62nd Annual Israel Folk Dance Festival and Festival of the Arts

    8. Ad Journal - Ads can be used to congratulate your group or to promote your activities. The Journal also helps to support the Festival, which becomes more challenging to mount each year. Your ad and the names of supporters will appear in the Dance Festival program.
    Join The Festival Family Circle form 

    9. Festival Alumni - Please circulate the link https://israelidanceinstitute.org/annual-israel-folk-dance-festival/festival-alumni/ and questionnaire and help us to build our Festival Alumni Family Tree. Or LaRokdim Circle of Friends is a great way to keep the tradition going! Check out the Photos link - more coming soon!

    10. Facebook page for us to connect with our Dance Festival friends past, present and future!
    The page is: "Israel Folk Dance Festival - New York"
    A few vintage photos and a page of photos and videos from past years are posted. More will be posted soon. Please send us your photos to include in our albums!

    Thank you for being part of our 62nd Festival!
    - Ruth, Honey and the Festival team

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