Hybrid Shorashim 2023 Online Registration Payment


Please Select which weekend events (workshops / dance parties / full weekend) you would like to attend from the drop down menus below.
Please note that in-person events are listed first followed by virtual events.

For those who are registering for individual events (rather than the full weekend), you will need to add the events (workshops and/or dance parties) to your cart individually and return to this page to add each additional event by using the return arrow in your device or “Hybrid Shorashim 2023 Online Registration Payment” tab in your browser. (Note: Do not click on “continue shopping” on the PayPal page.) When you have added the last event to your cart, you will see the total amount. Payment is processed through PayPal or your credit card via PayPal.

Important:  Since specific days and dates are not listed for individual events, please make sure to indicate which events you will be attending (day & date) when you check out, as well as in your registration email to us.

Thank you for your registration.
We look forward to having you join us!

Hybrid Shorashim 2023 In-Person Workshops

Hybrid Shorashim 2023 In-Person Dance Parties

Hybrid Shorashim 2023 In-Person Full Weekend (all events)

Hybrid Shorashim 2023 Virtual Workshops

Hybrid Shorashim 2023 Virtual Dance Parties

Hybrid Shorashim 2023 Virtual Full Weekend (all events)



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